Account Permission Levels

Learn about the differences between an Account Owner, Admin, and Member

For an account that has more than one user enabled, there are three levels of permissions:

  • Account Member
  • Account Admin
  • Account Owner

Read below for more information on how these roles and their capabilities vary.

Account Member

  • Can create new surveys.
  • Has access to edit and analyze any surveys they have created or have been added to by other team members.

Account Admin

An Account Admin has all of the same access and capabilities of an account member, plus the following:

  • By default, has access to all account surveys and cannot be removed from any survey on the account.
  • Mass manage member's survey permissions.
  • Manage account members including adding and deleting members and changing members' roles.
  • Update premium features such as the account level Facebook Pixel or ending page branding.
  • Can view and edit the list of account guests from the account Settings tab.

Account Owner

An Account Owner has all of the same access and capabilities of an account admin plus the following:

  • Change the Account Name & Account Owner.
  • Update the account's subscription.
  • Update the account's billing details.

Survey Level:
On the survey level, any team member with access to a survey can perform the following actions:

  • Edit. Access the Survey Editor to add, change and delete survey content.
  • Read & Analyze. View the analytics dashboard and analyze the survey data.
  • Manage Users. Add other new users to the survey and grant them permissions. 

Find out how to adjust your account settings.