Adding Additional Languages to a Survey

Create a multi-language survey in order to distribute your survey in multiple languages while maintaining a single analytics dashboard

Add additional languages to a survey to expand your respondent range to collect more data and knowledge about consumers with diverse backgrounds. If you choose to add another language, you can still build a single survey and maintain a single analytics dashboard while collecting responses in multiple languages. 

If your desired language is not available, select the Messages tab from the top toolbar to customize your messaging to any language or wording. 

Please note: For each language that you add, default messaging will be automatically translated to the selected language but you will need to provide your own translations for the survey content.

If you would like to add a language/s to your survey, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Configure.

2. Select the Languages tab from the top toolbar.

3. Click Add a Language to view the drop-down menu and select your desired language.

4. Once you have added a language, mouse over to the right side of the box and click on the edit icon to add your translation into Survey Messaging.

5. After clicking on the edit icon, you will see all of your survey’s content displayed on the left column, with correlating text fields in the column on the right. Manually input the translation of the content that you see on the left, in the correlating field in the right column.

Please note: 

  • Your base language will be the language that your survey analytics will display in. 
  • Any responses to open-ended questions will display in the language the respondent submitted their response in.
  • If you leave a translation field (right column) empty, the  text from the left column (base language) will appear in the translated survey.

Expert Tip! Segmanta supports right-to-left languages, after you select a right-to-left language from the language dropdown menu your survey will automatically swap to accommodate for right-to-left formatting requirements.

Click here to learn how to preview and distribute your survey in the added language/s.