Adding Images and Videos

Make your survey more engaging by adding images and videos

Whenever you see a camera/video icon, you can add images and videos throughout your survey to make it more visually appealing and grab the respondent's attention. Select the appropriate icon to:

  • Add an image. Upload a file saved on your computer or provide an image URL (web link).
  • Add a video. Provide a YouTube link. If your video is not yet on YouTube, you can upload it as “unlisted” so it can play within your survey without being discoverable in YouTube searches.

Add an Image/Video to a Survey Question

Navigate to the Display menu on the top toolbar and enable the setting. Depending on the page or question type, this section may already display by default.

Insert Images to Answer Choices

  1. Apply an Image Choice question type to your survey. 
  2. Navigate to Display the top toolbar and select the Answer Choice Image or Display Subject Image. To view a step-by-step example, click here.

Expert Tips!

  • Background Image. Be sure to preview your survey to see how the background displays on various devices.
  • Welcome Page. This is a great place for your brand logo, which displays best if it is small and has a transparent background. Avoid using large or vertical images as they may push the text lower on the page and lead to scrolling.
  • Ending Pages. Similar to the Welcome Page, Ending Pages are often a good place to put your brand logo. If you have created a quiz with various outcomes, Ending Pages should include unique images that illustrate each outcome.
  • Rights & Royalties: Be sure to only upload or link to images and videos you have created or that you have permission to use. 

Image Sizes

  • Background Images: High resolution images with a simple design work best as a survey background. The ideal image size is 1440w x 900h (pixels). 
  • Question Image: Wide, banner style images display best (800w x 350h). However, you can upload an image with any aspect ratio and the image area will expand accordingly.
  • Image choice answer options: The ideal image size is 390x293. If your image is larger, that's okay! However, you will need to crop and adjust it using the in-platform image crop tool once you have uploaded it.
  • Ranking and multi-rating questions: Round or square images work best. 

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