Adding Survey Logic Rules

Add logic rules to help your survey flow efficiently

Before adding logic rules, make sure you know exactly what you are trying to achieve using logic. Branching plans can get complicated, so it may help to draw them out and discuss the desired flow before adding individual rules. 

Expert Tip! Depending what you are trying to achieve, one type of rule may be more useful than another.

1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Logic.

2. Select the question to which you would like to add a logic rule Add Logic.

3. Choose the type of rule you would like to add: Go To, Show or Skip

4. Set the Conditions of the rule.

Conditions can be based on whether or not respondents have chosen certain answers or whether they have answered a question at all (if it is or is not blank). You can add multiple conditions when appropriate.

Example: You can specify respondents who have given more than one answer to a certain question (AND/exclusive) or respondents who have given one of several answers to a question (OR/inclusive). You can also base conditions on how the respondent has answered more than one question in the survey.

Learn how to modify the survey settings in the Configure tab.