Building a Link Using Segmanta's URL Parameter Tool

Pass known parameters into a survey using the survey URL 

Now that we understand the structure of a survey URL that includes parameters, let's look at how to pass this information into a survey via the survey URL. 

After you have added URL parameter names to the parameter list in your survey editor by following the steps above, you can use these parameters to build survey links.

Select the URL Parameters you'd like to use with your survey link by checking the relevant boxes next to the parameter name.

2. Copy and paste the link wherever you plan to distribute the survey.

When you distribute your survey link, you will need to ensure that the placeholder values highlighted in red are replaced with the values you want passed into your Segmanta survey. 

Values can be inserted manually or your CRM system or email marketing client should have an automated process for attaching values to parameters.

Here's an example of how the final survey link will appear when the respondent takes the survey. As you can see, we filled in the values for first_name and last_name.

Please note

  • URL parameters are limited to 100 per survey and parameters over 100 will not be saved.
  • Segmanta enables you to add Parameter names to your survey link, you will need to fill in the values for each of the Parameters using your distribution methodology.
  • You can set up survey logic based on URL Parameters.
  • You can also pass URL Parameters into an embedded survey.

Once you have set up your survey URL's with URL Parameters, learn how to analyze results based off of URL Parameters.