Building an Outcome Quiz

Create, edit, and assign ending pages to an Outcome Quiz 

In an Outcome Quiz, answer choices are associated with one or more possible outcomes (ending pages) and respondents are assigned a final outcome (ending page) based on the combination of answers they select. Some examples of outcome quizzes include:

  • What is your shopping personality?
  • Which type of traveler are you?
  • What is your ideal career?

To build an outcome quiz, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Logic.

2. Select Outcome Quiz to apply this quiz type your survey.

Creating Ending Pages and Assigning Outcomes

An Ending Page indicates the outcome for each respondent's results based off of their answer selections. When you are ready to learn how to display your respondent's quiz scores on the ending pages, click here. However, If you have not done so already, you will likely want to create additional outcomes for your quiz. 

To add outcomes (ending pages) and assign them to the survey's answer choices, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Quiz Builder and navigate to the Outcomes tab.

2. Click on + Add Outcome (you may create an unlimited number of outcomes)

3. Navigate to the Questions tab and start assigning outcomes to one or more answer choices.

Expert Tips!

  • You do not need to assign an outcome to every answer choice. If no outcome is assigned to an answer choice, it simply means that those answer choices will not influence the respondent's final outcome.
  • Ending pages that you add on the Survey Editor can also be assigned as quiz outcomes in the Quiz Builder.
  • Go to the Survey Editor to rename outcomes or click on the ending pages to change the content respondents will see when they land on an outcome.

To learn how to instantaneously convert your survey to a quiz, click here.