Carrying answer choices

Make respondents answer a question by selecting only from choices they selected or did not select in a previous question. 

Pro-tip: For example, if you were to ask your respondents "Which of the following brand names do you recognize?", you can apply ‘Carry Forward’ to the following question to ask respondents "Which of the following brands have you purchased products from?" 

By applying Carry Forward, the respondent would only see the brands they chose as those they recognize in the previous question.

🔨 How it works

  • Go to your Survey Editor and select a question.
  • Hover over Advanced on the top right toolbar to view the drop down menu.
  • Turn on the Carry Forward setting under the question setting menu.
  • Define each of the Carry Forward settings for your survey question.
    • Question
      🔨 How it works: Select the source question to carry answer choices forward from.

    • Choices
      🔨 How it works: Add all of the answers you would like to carry forward. You can deselect any you would not like to display in the follow up question.

Note: By default, all answer choices will be carried. 

    • Type
      🔨 How it works: Select whether you would like to carry forward one of two options:
      • Selected Answers
        💼 What it does: Carries forward the answer choices that your respondent selected
      • Unselected Answers
        💼 What it does: Carries forward the answers choices that your respondent did not select
  • Once you've clicked Save Changes, the answer choices carried forward will populate in the answer choice section.
  • Two arrows will load next to the choice text to indicate that this answer choice was carried forward.

Pro-tip: You can add additional answer choices to the question that answer choices are carried forward to. If you have set Carry Forward "all" answer choices, any choices that you add to the source question will be added to the destination question.