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Concept Testing

Test visual or written concepts and claims

With concept testing surveys, you can display concepts or claims to customers to determine your best options for marketing messaging, branding, and product decisions. Stop the guessing game and make quick, effortless, data-driven decisions.

Concept testing is enabled by Segmanta's variant question setting. 

Why create concept testing surveys using Segmanta? 

  • Use Segmanta’s A/B testing functionality to display a random rotation of designs or claims and see which ones perform best.
  • Embed rich media (images, video) within your Segmanta survey to present your concepts to respondents in an engaging way.
  • Discover insights on Segmanta’s automated Results Dashboard to make quick but informed decisions.

A few great ways to use concept testing surveys:

  • Pre-Campaign. Get an early sense of how your target audience will respond to advertisements or marketing claims before finalizing a campaign.
  • Product Launch. Let your future customers help you decide between different variations of your upcoming product.
  • Design A/B Test. Run a quick poll to decide between two versions of your branding or product design.

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