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Concept Testing Methodologies

Expose your concepts to a variety of research designs

Segmanta’s simple-to-implement and advanced features make it possible to perform all types of Concept Testing Methodologies based on the type of results you are looking for and what you are aiming to test. By using Segmanta, you will be able to create and build surveys using to achieve powerful results. 

Choose to expose your concepts to a variety of research designs:

  • Independent
  • Monadic
  • Protomonadic
  • Paired-Comparison
  • Repeated Measures
  • Sequential Monadic

How can I use Segmanta's platform to implement these research designs?

  • Users can randomly assign respondents to a single concept using the Variant feature. 
  • Utilize variant questions in order to test claims, advertisements, images and more.
  • Researchers can use Segmanta's Concept Testing Template evaluate a concept and analyze how it will be received by consumers before it goes to market. 

To learn about Concept Testing, click here.