Configuring a Survey

Configure a survey's language, messaging, navigation, and progress indication bar

Configure is home to your survey preferences and allows you to adjust a number of different settings to customize your survey. This tab can be found in the Configure tab in the Survey Editor. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 12.57.02 PM

Adjust the following survey preferences:

  • Settings. Modify the various survey settings offered.
  • Languages. Select from a pre-set list of Segmanta survey languages to automatically transform all of your survey messaging to the selected language. 
  • Messages. Insert your desired custom survey messaging or messaging in a language that is not available from the drop down menu.
  • Labels. Label your survey questions when integrating with other platforms as a way to easily identify the survey content in your integration. 
  • Webhooks. A premium feature that allows Segmanta to send automated messages or information to your other apps

Learn about survey permissions and how to control who has access to your survey.