Cookie Consent Banner

Add a cookie consent banner to your surveys

To ensure your ability to comply with your local or international regulations, Segmanta offers the ability to add a cookie consent banner to your surveys.

To add a cookie consent banner to your survey follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Configure > Data Privacy tab of your survey editor.

2. Toggle on the Cookie Consent Banner

From here you will also be able to preview both the EU and Non-EU cookie consent banners. EU cookie consent banner offers explicit and granular cookie acceptance in order to comply with GDPR. The relevant banner will be displayed based on user's IP.

Please note if you are using Segmanta integrations where data will be automatically sent to external systems, you will need to fill in your Data Privacy details at the account level in order for your banner to display the correct information & privacy & security links.

To set up your Data Privacy account settings follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Account Settings > Data Privacy

2. Fill in your Company Name and links to your Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy where you describe how you use the data that you are sending to external platforms via Segmanta integrations. 

The account settings will only display on the EU cookie policy banner when you have enabled Segmanta integrations on a survey. 

Learn more about GDPR.