Creating a Survey from a Template

Choose a pre-structured Segmanta survey template based on the relevant survey category 

After logging in to your Segmanta Dashboard, you can immediately create a survey by choosing to create a survey from scratch or use a reconstructed template.

Template Folders

Template Folder +

Segmanta offers five survey template categories.

  • Market Research. Develop a deep understanding of their product, brand, consumers, competitors, a new or existing market, or when deciding which campaign, product, concept, or claim to launch.
  • Customer Experience. Optimize a company’s overall customer experience by collecting feedback at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Enrichment & Growth. Enrich pre-existing leads with new information or collect new or already enriched leads.
  • Customer Engagement. Engage existing and potential customers with buying guides and quizzes which can double as interactive lead generation and enrichment surveys.
  • Employee Engagement. Optimize company health, culture, and knowledge with employee education and engagement surveys.

The variety of pre-constructed survey templates that we offer make it easier to build your own by clicking on any of the template folders. View a description of the template and the survey and preview the survey outline.

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Once you select the desired survey template, you will be directed to the Survey Editor where you can begin building and designing your survey.

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Learn how to create a survey from scratch.