Customizing survey’s progress bar

Visually indicate the respondent's survey progress and enable additional survey navigation. 

🏠 Where it lives

  • Click on any survey question in the Survey Editor to customize your survey's progress bar.
  • Then, click on either one of the drop down menus to customize your survey's progress bar further.

There are two settings:


🔨 What it does

  • Displays your survey's progress bar in a Percentage or Absolute numbers format.


Absolute numbers


Back button

🔨 What it does

  • Allows respondents to return to the previous survey question during the survey.

Display progress

🔨 What it does

  • Allows respondents to view their progress during the survey by showing the numerical representation of the survey progress.
  • If you choose to disable this setting, the numerical representation will not be visible to respondents.

Progress bar title

🔨 What it does

  • Hides the progress bar title from the respondent.

Pro-tip: Every question element on a survey that is editable can be easily identified by hovering over it. The hover function allows you to explore additional settings, like Field options – which you can choose to require or not.