Data Layer Variable Names For Use With Google Tag Manager

Copy and paste data layer variable names for use in GTM integrations

When setting up a Google Tag Manager integration with a Segmanta survey you may choose to use information we send in the Data Layer to help inform your GTM triggers. Below is default information used to define custom labels that you can insert in your Google Tag Manager Integration on the survey level.

This default information will be necessary to set up any data layer variables for Segmanta surveys. Make sure that you copy & paste or type the Names exactly as they are listed below. 

Event Name

  • page-viewed
  • page-answered
  • ending-reached
  • ending-link-clicked

Data Layer Variable Name

  • survey_public_id the ID that is displayed on your live survey URL
  • page associated with a page label
  • variant associated with a variant label
  • question associated with a question label
  • subject associated with a subject label (such as a choice grid subject, question group etc.)
  • item associated with an answer choice (such as multi-choice, ranking)
  • rank the position an item was ranked in a ranking question
  • value the number an item was rated
  • position the position text was submitted in a list question
  • ending an ending page label
  • link_button the link button on an ending page

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