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Dynamic Embed Survey Look & Feel

Customize how the survey will appear on your website page when triggered.

After defining your Dynamic Embed survey trigger, the Dynamic Embed Survey Look & Feel allows you to decide how you would like the survey to appear on page when triggered. 


There are two types of dynamic embed survey implementations:

  1. The Popup Survey. Your survey will appear as a popup in the middle of the page
  2. The Corner Button. Your survey will appear on one of the corners of your site, it will open from a small Feedback button that will display on the corner that you determine in your scenario settings.

Corner Button Settings:

  • Corner button caption: The text you want to display on the corner button.
  • Corner button alignment: Determines whether the corner button will appear on the left or the right of your website.
  • Corner button height: The distance (in pixels) from the bottom of the page to the corner button. You can define a different number of pixels for desktop versus mobile

Suggestion Dialog
: When toggled on, when the survey is triggered a dialog box will appear that will allow the user to decide whether they would like to take the survey, skip the survey or have the option to take it later

  • Title: Main text of the dialog box
  • Subtitle: Secondary dialog box text
  • Later button: When your user clicks on this the dialog will close and a corner button will appear on the page allowing the user to open the survey later on in their site visit

Dynamic Embed Look & Feel Settings

  • Survey size. The size of your survey when it appears on screen
  • Show welcome page. When toggled on, the survey will skip the welcome page and the first page your respondent will see will be the first question page
  • Close on ending. When toggled on, the survey window will automatically close as soon as the respondent reaches the ending page