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Dynamic Embed Survey Triggers

Understand the available dynamic embed triggers and how to implement them

Dynamic Embed surveys triggers are used to define when your survey should display on your website. 

To define a trigger, visit the scenario you would like to edit or create a new scenario.

Below is a list of survey triggers you can choose from when setting up your Dynamic Embed scenario:

  • Show on exit: Display the survey when user displays intent to exit the page
  • Exit intent: Trigger a survey when your visitor displays intent to exit your website. 
  • Minimum Page session time: Display the survey only after the user has spent a certain amount of time on page (defined in seconds)
  • Frequency: Display the survey to a certain percentage of users (defined in percentage). By default this is set to 100%
  • Cap: Stop showing the survey after it has been triggered for a specific user this number of times
  • Landing Page: Only trigger the survey to users who landed (arrived to your website) on a specific page
  • Unique: Do not show other surveys to a user after they have been shown this survey

After defining your Dynamic Embed survey trigger, you can begin adjusting your scenario's Look & Feel .