Email Embed Supported Question Types

In order to enable the Email Embed setting for survey distribution, your survey's first question must be one of the below question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • NPS
  • Rating
  • Slider

Each question type may have some additional requirements in order for the Email Embed setting to be enabled and to ensure that your respondents enjoy an ideal survey experience. 

Email embed supported question limitations 

Multiple Choice

  • The multi-choice question must be formatted to allow only a single choice.
  • If you have enabled answer choice randomization, the choices will not be randomized in your email. They will appear in the order in which they display in the survey editor.
  • If you have an answer choice with the comment capability enabled, the comment box will not automatically open when the respondent lands on the question page. If you have set up your embed to begin on the following question the respondent will skip the comment box entirely. 

Rating & Slider:

  • Rating and slider questions answer choices will display as rectangle choices in your embedded question.
  • If your question includes a 'Not Relevant' option, the 'Not Relevant' button will not appear in the email embed.

Example: A rating question as it might appear in your survey link:

Example: The same rating question as it might appear in your Email Embed:

General Limitations:

  • The question should not be in a randomized block.
  • The question can not have variants enabled.

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