Embed Your Survey in an Email

Embed the first question of your survey directly into an email so users can answer directly from their inbox

Important: As every emailing system is different, and configuration and setup may vary, the code HTML Segmanta provides for the email template may require modifications when it comes to adding the email embedding code to your email. 

If you are having issues with the HTML provided, please connect with your email creator/developer who should be able to advise on any display issues, such as the stripping of styles or incorrect fonts.

When sending out a survey to your email list, every response is invaluable. Using Segmanta's email embed, you can embed the first question of your survey directly into the body of your email allowing your respondents to answer directly from the email. By embedding your survey question directly into the email, you're more likely to engage your respondents and increase your survey completion rates.

The first step of embedding a survey question into an email is to ensure that the first question of your survey is a supported question type. Below is the list of question types the can be embedded into email:

  • Rating
  • Slider
  • NPS
  • Multiple Choice

Click here for details on supported question types. 

As you are building your survey embed, please be aware that some of these question types have limitations when embedded in an email. 

To embed your survey question into an email you will need to use an email distribution application (such as MailChimp, SendGrid, etc.) to send out your survey emails.

Follow these steps to set up your email embed .