Getting Started

Receive a more detailed look at the response breakdown.

The information you see – and how it is subsequently presented to you (as tabular or graphic) – depends on the question types. 

Here is a breakdown of the question types and how they display in the Analytics Dashboard.

Question type

View in Analytics Dashboard

Multiple Choice, Image Choice, Question Group & Demographics

The percentage and number of votes for each answer choice.

Rating, Opinion Scale & Slider

  • Average
  • Standard Deviation
  • Median
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Confidence Interval
  • The percentage and number of votes for each answer choice.

Long Answer, Short Answer

Word Frequency: The total count and frequency of each word.

Sentiment Analysis: Classifies open ended survey responses as Negative, Neutral, Positive.

List Question

A similar analysis as Long & Short answer questions for Word Frequency. However, you have the ability to filter the word cloud or frequency analysis based on the placement in the list that an answer was typed.

Multiple Rating & Choice Grid

The percentage and votes for each answer choice in a table structure for each comparison across subject and choice. 

For Multiple Rating & Choice Grid questions, you will be able to analyze each subject individually. A multiple rating subject will be displayed in the same way as a Single Rating question whereas a Choice Grid question will be displayed in the same way as a multiple choice question.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • # of Detractors
  • # of Passives 
  • # of Promoters 
  • NPS Score
  • Distribution across all choices (percentage & vote count)


  • Percentage or number of times a response was selected (regardless of ranking position)
  • Distribution of a choice across ranking positions

Unlike Multiple Rating & Choice Grid questions, which display a summary table view and individual subject views, a ranking question has only a single summary view. 


Table of the response & and the time of response.

Info Page

The number of page views. 

Image Upload

The image, image caption and the date when each user uploaded their image to this question.

Contact Form

Depending on the fields you've chosen, view the contact details you've asked users to include.

Within each question, you may find the following tabs (as the tabs that appear depend on the question, therefore, not all questions have this information viewable) which will provide you a deeper understanding of your survey data.