Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Effortlessly Track Ad Campaign Results and Optimize Advertising Spend

💪 When to use it

  • Keep track of your ad campaign results.
  • Save money and improve your return on ad spend.
  • See how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable survey activity and lead form submissions.

🏠 Where it lives

  • Navigate to the Configure menu and then to the Integrations tab.

🔨 How it works

  • Click + Add on the Google Ads Conversion Tracking integration.
  • Input the Conversion Label & Google Ads Conversion ID.


To create a Google Ads Conversion Action…

    1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
    2. Navigate to Tools and settings and click on Conversions under Measurement section.
    3. Select Website as the conversion type.
    4. Fill out the relevant details you would like included in your conversion such as category, name, value etc.
    5. Click Create & Continue.
    6. Select Install the Tag Yourself.
    7. Copy the conversion ID and the conversion label from the Event snippet that is generated. 

Sample snippet below:

EXAMPLE_ID — would be the conversion ID unique to your account

EXAMPLE_LABEL — would be the conversion label, which is unique per conversion action

<!-- Event snippet for Test conversion page -->


  gtag('event', 'conversion', {

      'send_to': 'EXAMPLE_ID/EXAMPLE_LABEL',

      'value': 1.0,

      'currency': 'USD',

      'transaction_id': ''



Pro-tip: When copying your Conversion ID, copy only the numbers, do not include AW- at the beginning.

  • Toggle on the Action that you would like to trigger Segmanta to send data to your Google Ads account.