How to add a Facebook Pixel to Your Account?

Add your Facebook pixel to your Segmanta account

The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. 

  • Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people.
  • Build advertising audiences.
  • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools.

When it comes to Segmanta surveys, a pixel can be helpful if you are: 

  • Creating a campaign with your survey as the advertisement's landing page.
  • Interested in creating custom audiences or lookalikes using survey data.
  • Interested in tracking survey conversions.

Need help finding your pixel ID? Navigate to Facebook's Event Manager to locate your Facebook Pixel. 

Account Level Pixel 

Account level pixels will be added to all future surveys. If you would like to apply (or update) your Facebook Pixel on any pre-existing surveys, you will need to do so on the individual survey's settings. 

To add a Facebook pixel to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Account Settings.
  2. Click the Update button next to the Facebook Pixel line.
  3. Paste your pixel into the Facebook Pixel field and click Save.  

Your Facebook pixel will only be applied to future integrations. To update your pixel ID on pre-existing integrations, visit the relevant survey editor/s and edit the tracking ID on the integrations individually.

If you would like to add a unique pixel that is different from your account level pixel to any integrations, you will be able to do so on the survey integration level.