Image Sizes

Learn which image size works best for your background, question, and answer images

Read below to understand what image sizes will look best on your survey:

Background Images

  • The ideal image size is 1440w x 900h (pixels). 
  • The image should be a maximum of 4MB.
  • High resolution images with a simple design work best as a survey background. 

Question Image

  • Wide, banner style images display best (800w x 320h) on desktop. 
  • However, if most of your respondents will be on mobile, go for a more vertical image. 
  • Upload an image with any aspect ratio and the image area will expand accordingly. 

Image Choice Answer Options

  • The ideal image size is 386x294.
  • Crop your image after uploading it, using the in-app image crop tool.

Ranking and Multi-Rating Questions

  • Round or square images work best. 

Learn how to
apply an image to an answer choice .