Implementing Kiosk Mode

Steps to implementing Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode allows multiple users to take the same survey on a single device. To get a general overview of Kiosk Mode, click here.

To implement Kiosk Mode, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Distribute.

2. Navigate to the Settings tab and turn on Kiosk Mode.

Kiosk Mode for Dynamic Embed Surveys

Segmanta has two configuration parameters for controlling Kiosk Mode surveys embedded using the Dynamic Embed tool, which are set on the window before loading the library:

honor_kiosk_surveys: true,
check_respondent_on_server: true,

Explanation of each configuration parameter is below:

honor_kiosk_surveys: Changes the Dynamic Embed behavior to check whether its survey settings are configured to a kiosk survey (see steps on how to configure this in the dashboard above), and if it is and a respondent has already replied, trigger the scenario again (default to false)

check_respondent_on_server: Instead of relying on the cookies to know whether a user has responded to a survey, we now give the option to interrogate the server to understand whether the user has completed the surveys or not (default to false). In order to rely on the server for this, the seg_erid must be set in window.SEGMANTA__USER_METADATA, otherwise the check will default to cookies.

Please note: You do not have to set both of these settings; you can use either, both, or neither, to create a combination of behaviors for each individual use case. At the moment both parameters default to false.