Increasing Response Rates

Tips and tricks to increase your survey response rates 

When distributing a survey, it’s important to think about what will motivate your audience to respond to your survey and give complete and valid answers. Depending on your audience, different strategies will be appropriate.

  • Direct request. If you already have an established, engaged audience that is passionate about your product or service, you may be able to get a sufficient number of respondents just by appealing to your existing user base and telling them their input is valued.
  • Engaging content. You can make the survey itself a source of interesting content. One way to do this is to use the quiz planner to give each respondent a personalized outcome. A well-designed quiz can collect valuable insights while giving respondents a fun experience. The most engaging quizzes will be shared by respondents and may even go viral!
  • Promotion. In many cases, the chance to win a product or receive a free sample are good incentives to attract respondents who might otherwise be hard to reach. Keep in mind that certain types of promotions may be regulated and that it is your responsibility to comply with relevant laws when running such promotions.