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Independent Measures

Recruit multiple groups to test your concepts and rate concepts

Independent Measures is a type of research design where multiple groups of people are recruited to test either concepts or products. Each group is asked to test and rate the concept that they were shown. Different concepts are displayed to each group.


  • Eliminates order effects (occurs when subject participants act a certain way due to elements such as restlessness or exhaustion or learning the order of the experiment) as the subjects are only testing one condition. This means that the objective of the experiment is less evident to the subject.
  • Multiple conditions can be run simultaneously.
  • Demand characteristics (occurs when participants form an interpretation of the test's purpose and unconsciously change their behavior to fit that interpretation) is less likely to develop throughout the experiment as participants will be less likely to predict the objective of the experiment.


  • Requires many participants to perform the experiment to reduce inconsistency in the results and reach an accurate conclusion.
  • Therefore, this research design tends to be more expensive.
  • Difficult to determine which concept respondents like best, as each group tests a different product.

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