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Introduction to Survey Analysis

Quickly access your survey results and explore different analytics views

As soon as you begin fielding your survey, your survey's Analytics Dashboard will begin populating data in real time.

  • Powerful insights in real time
    Uncover critical consumer insights with a highly visual dashboard, updated in real time as survey takers respond. The dashboard allows you to understand your survey funnel in seconds.
  • Advanced analysis in a few clicks
    Uncover valuable insights about your brand in just a few clicks using demographic and cross tabulation analysis, empowering critical business decisions
  • Export and share your data
    Export unfiltered or granular information from your survey results and share directly with colleagues. Collaborate with entire teams or departments, adding exponential value to your survey data.

When you are ready to begin analyzing your results, select amongst two analytics views to display your survey's data:

  1. Results Overview
  2. Question View

Learn more about the Results Overview on the analytics dashboard.