Introduction to the Salesforce / Segmanta Integration

What is the Salesforce / Segmanta integration and how to get started

The Salesforce Integration allows you to easily and directly enrich and grow your CRM by sending new or existing customer data from a survey securely to your Salesforce instance.  The Salesforce Integration sends the data to the designated Salesforce organization upon survey completion (when the respondent reaches an Ending Page of your survey).

Using this integration, you can create or update records on a Salesforce object with survey data such as per-consumer NPS and CSAT ratings, new leads, data enrichment responses and more.

1. Connect your Salesforce organization to your Segmanta account by following these steps.

2. Visit the survey whose data you would like to integrate with Salesforce and follow these steps to configure what survey data should be sent to Salesforce and where it should be stored.

Note: The Salesforce integration is an Enterprise level feature.