Introduction to URL Parameters

Find out what URL Parameters are and how to use them to customize and analyze your survey

URL Parameters allow you to customize your survey or analyze your data based on known information. 

Examples of data you can pass using URL Parameters:

  • Respondent email address
  • Customer ID
  • Name
  • Demographics such as gender, age, etc. 
  • Traffic source
  • Subscription tier
  • Any other known information available from your CRM or about the group of respondents you sent your survey to

4 URL Parameter Use Cases

Content Customization

Personalize the survey using the URL Parameters you have chosen by customizing the content on any page of your survey with information you pass with URL Parameters.


Match your survey responses to your database in order to enrich consumer profiles or associate feedback with a certain customer using Zapier.

Survey Logic

Set up survey logic based on any parameter you pass into the survey (such as the examples above).

Data Analysis

Analyze your survey based on previously known information passed through URL Parameters such as Gender, Age, Consumer Group, or Subscription Tier. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting March 1st, 2019 only parameters that have been added to your survey editor prior to distribution will be saved in your survey's analytics.