Kiosk Mode

Allow retaking of your survey multiple times from the same device 

By default, Segmanta surveys are set to prevent ballot box stuffing (the same user retaking a survey multiple times from the same device). 

Kiosk Mode turns this default setting off so that multiple users can take a survey from the same device. 

When is Kiosk Mode useful?

Turn on Kiosk Mode at events or survey kiosks where you will have multiple users coming up to take the survey on provided devices. When Kiosk Mode is engaged, there will be a restart survey button located on every survey page as well as the ending page allowing each new user that comes up to take your survey to restart from scratch ensuring that the previous respondent's answers are saved. 

For instructions on how to implement Kiosk Mode, click here

See Kiosk Mode buttons below:

To learn how to allow the same respondent to retake your survey as a new response, click here.