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Overview of the Dynamic Embed Setup

Learn about the hierarchy of the various Dynamic Embed components

The Segmanta Dynamic Embed tool allows you to dynamically display website surveys across your website. The tool centers around individual surveys, and setting up conditions or scenarios in which these survey would display across your website. Get started with the Dynamic Embed tool by implementing the Dynamic Embed Tag across your website and any associated staging websites or environments.

The main different components of the Dynamic Embed are:

  • The highest level element we have is a Domain; these are the domains whitelisted on our platform by your customer success manager, which allow the Dynamic Embed scripts to receive associated Scenarios for the domain.
  • A Scenario is an individual ruleset that explains what actions or rules should be evaluated in order to trigger an individual survey. Each Scenario is only associated with one domain, and can only be associated with one survey which is to be triggered upon meeting the conditions. Each Scenario has a unique Scenario ID, which can be manually triggered against a domain - as an example, a Scenario ID which is not associated with a given domain will not evaluate, and will fail. 
  • Note: There is functionally no limit to how many Scenarios will be evaluated, but for simplicity it is recommended to keep these to the absolute minimum, whilst achieving the desired logic.
  • Each survey has a single Survey ID with a unique survey URL, and can be associated to multiple Scenarios across multiple domains. Thus, the survey is not tied to a specific domain and has no concept of staging or production environments. 
  • Each survey can be associated with one or multiple integrations; Some integrations such as the Facebook Custom Event Integration can be enabled multiple times per survey, and some such as the Aimia integration can only be enabled a single time per survey. In the cases of single use integrations, different surveys should be created for the various staging and production environments, which should be associated to the different Scenarios and domains. Each survey should have two distinct integrations according to the integrated environment to each associated integrated environment.

Now let’s learn how to set up the Dynamic Embed Tag .