Passing Dynamic URL Parameter Values to Another URL

Pass information into your Segmanta survey and back to an external domain using dynamic URL parameters

Now that we understand how to pass data into your Segmanta survey using URL Parameters you might also want to pass this information out of Segmanta to an external domain after a respondent completes a survey. 

You can send users to external domains from the survey ending page using either of the following capabilities:

To pass dynamic values via your ending page URL:

If you pass URL Parameters into your survey, you might want to pass some of these parameters on to the redirect URL as well. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Include the same custom parameter on the end of your redirect link
  2. Add a value to the parameter as follows: 


Note, the "{param_name}" part should be replaced entirely with the name of the url parameter you passed, for example "name" would be '$url_param[name]'

Therefore, if you were redirecting someone to your URL structure would look like this:$url_param[param_name]

Let's look at an example:

Someone takes your survey with the following URL:

You have set up a redirect to and would like to pass the subscription parameter to Google. Therefore, you would add the following URL to your redirect on ending dialog in the URL field:


Now, let's say you also have URL parameters with fixed values you would like to pass such as ending=success and source=survey

Therefore the URL you would paste in your Ending Page Link Button or Redirect on Ending URL field would look like the following:$url_param[subscription]&ending=success&source=survey

Learn how to build a survey link using URL parameters.