Question Blocks

Implement survey logic to a set of questions by grouping them together into question blocks

A Question Block is a set of questions that has been grouped together. By creating question blocks, you can implement survey logic unique to a single block of questions or implement settings that define how multiple blocks interact with one another. 

When creating a Question Block, you will need to decide the following:

  • Whether you want to randomize the order the questions display in. When toggled on, the questions inside the block will display to respondents in a random order.
  • Whether you want to show all of the questions in the block to every respondent or if, instead, you would like to expose only a certain number of questions from inside of the block. 

If you add more than one question block, you can also decide if you would like to randomize the order the question blocks display in. When toggled on, the order of the entire question block will be randomized.

To add a Question Block, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Logic.

2. Navigate to the Blocks tab and click on + Add Block.

3. After creating a logic block, you will see the settings for individual blocks - including Randomize Question Order and Show. 

Using the dropdown menu next to the show rule, you can choose to display either all of the questions inside of the block or a number of questions from within the block. When you choose to display a certain number of selected questions, the questions displayed will be randomly assigned to each respondent.

Expert Tip! The show setting is useful if you are testing different concepts or variations of survey questions and would like each respondent to be exposed only to some of the questions you have included in the block.