Quizzes Overview

Create beautiful and engaging quizzes to share with your respondents

Transform any survey into a beautiful and engaging quiz that goes beyond just creating content and engagement. Segmanta quizzes can be used to:

  • Collect meaningful insights that can be segmented and analyzed on your analytics dashboard.
  • Perform segmentation by breaking down valuable data points based on demographics or additional responses.
  • Link responses back to your consumer database to better understand your customers.
  • Create re-marketing campaigns based on quiz inputs.

The quiz experience itself can become an incentive for respondents to complete the survey as they are rewarded with personalized results. If a quiz is particularly entertaining or informative, respondents will share it with their friends. It may even go viral!

There are two types of quizzes that can be created using the Quiz Builder :

  1. A Graded Quiz gives respondents a score based on the number of questions answered correctly or the number of points they accumulate. 
  2. An Outcome Quiz has answer choices that are associated with one or more possible outcomes and respondents are assigned a final outcome based on the combination of answers they select.

To learn more about Segmanta's graded and outcome quizzes, click here .