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Randomizing Subjects and Answer Choices

Randomize the order in which answer choices display to each respondent

The Randomize Answer Choices setting allows you to randomizes the order in which answer choices display to each respondent. The general rule of thumb is always randomize answer choices, unless the choices follow an obvious scale or order. Implementing this setting is important to help minimize answer choice order bias.

This setting is commonly applied in the question types below:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Image Choice
  • Multiple Rating
  • Opinion Scale
  • Question Group
  • Choice Grid

Multiple Choice and Image Choice Questions

Multiple Rating and Opinion Scale 

Question Group

Choice Grid Questions

  • Randomize Subject Order: Subjects (rows) will display in a randomized order.
  • Randomize Column Order: Columns will display in a randomized order. In the case of columns, you can choose between two types of randomization:

    1. Random:
    Columns will display in a completely randomized order.

    2. Directional:
    Columns will be logically randomized maintaining their relational position to the columns as you have set up in the editor, but alternating from left to right (similar to ascending/descending setting in an opinion scale question).

If you want to randomize the majority of a question's answer choices, but keep some choices fixed, you can use the the Pin in Place setting to force the answer choice/s to remain in the position you have placed it in. This setting will be most relevant to answer choices such as  "Other" or "None of the above" answer choices, 

Apply the variant tool to your survey question to test claims, advertisements, and images.