Reaching Respondents

Discover a variety of ways to reach respondents 

Your audience will generally fall into one of these categories:

1. An existing audience 

This includes customers, subscribers, fans, followers - any group of contacts to which you already have access of some sort. To reach these respondents, you can use:

  • Email marketing. Send the survey URL directly to the contacts in your CRM or email list.
  • Social media posts. Share the survey as part of your social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever channel you normally use to reach your audience.
  • Social media ads. Purchase boosted posts or ads to reach a larger portion of your existing followers.

2. A new audience
Targeted respondents who represent potential customers or a specific market segment. While Segmanta is primarily a DIY online survey platform, our experts can help you reach your target audience. Contact your account manager for details if you’re interested in this additional service

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