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Repeated Measures

One group testing multiple concepts back-to-back

Repeated Measures is a type of experiment where:

  • One group of the same subjects tests multiple concepts.
  • The subjects can test the concepts back-to-back, or at different points in time.
  • Subjects are asked to rank the products.
  • Subjects are exposed to all of the treatment conditions.


  • Requires a smaller number of participants. Therefore, this research technique tends to cost less because the same subjects test other products in the experiment.
  • Requires less time for participants to test concepts. Therefore, it is not likely that individual differences will influence the collected data.
  • More likely remove a participants individual differences as subjects are exposed to all treatments. 
  • Therefore, this design tends to yield powerful results.


  • Order effect can potentially occur due to subjects having experience testing out previous products.
  • Because it is a longitudinal study in its nature, it is likely that demand characteristics will occur as the participants had more time to predict the experiment's objective.

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