Reset Survey Interval (in days)

Allow the same respondent to retake your survey as a new response 

Every respondent who takes a Segmanta survey is given a unique ID. Survey creators or guest analysts can view each respondent's ID in the analytics dashboard under the Survey Responses tab. 

Using cookies, the system remembers the user's session. If the same respondent retakes the survey for a second time on the same device and browser, and the cookies are still stored on the browser, Segmanta will overwrite his previous response with the new one. 

By default, respondent sessions are saved in order to avoid ballot box stuffing by survey respondents. Therefore, the system overwrites the respondent's previous session with the new one.

If you would like to allow users to retake your survey multiple times and save each response as a new session, you can lower the Survey Reset Interval (in days) down to fractions of a day (written in decimals) to have the survey reset right away from 90 to 0. By setting it to 0, you can ensure that the system will forget the respondent's previous session. Once they retake the survey, the system will provide the respondent with a new user ID and record their response as a new session.

Below are three example scenarios where it would be relevant to lower the reset interval: 

  • Allowing multiple contest entries
  • Tracking changes in feedback over time
  • Website intercept surveys with a frequency greater than 

Please note:

  • If your survey is being used in a kiosk scenario (multiple respondents taking the survey from one device such as at standalone feedback kiosk, expo booth etc.), please refer to Kiosk Mode.
  • Because Segmanta remember a user only by their cookies, it is not possible to allow a respondent to take the same survey multiple times and save each of their sessions under the same user ID.

To reset the survey interval, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Distribute.
Survey Interval - Distribution +

2. Navigate to the Settings tab and change the Reset Survey Interval

Reset Interval +

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