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Saving analytics reports

Save a specific view or segments to easily return to it later for further analysis

The Saved Report tab allows you to save a specific page in your analytics dashboard and will remember the settings/segments you created so that you don't have to reconfigure the report from scratch. The settings are saved even if you sign out and sign back in to your account.

For example, if you have multiple segments which include a number of filters that you want to save for a specific question, you could save that page and continue analyzing your survey.

To save a report, navigate to the Question View and follow the steps below:

Click on the Saved Reports icon and label the name of the report.

2. Click on the Saved Reports tab on the left menu bar to view the report.

Here, you can:

  • Click on the gear icon to change the name of the report.
  • Click on the trashcan icon to delete the report.

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