Setting up an Aimia Integration

Segmanta’s Aimia integration applies to the Aimia API call IssueTransactionNoBasketWithCustomField, which allows you to award a certain amount of loyalty points to respondents who reach an Ending Page as part of the AIMIA loyalty rewards program.

Please note: The Aimia integration is limited to one integration per survey. The Aimia integration is an Enterprise level feature.

To set up a Aimia integration, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your survey's integration Home Page.

2. Click + Add on the Aimia integration.

4. Add your Aimia Security Token.

5. Toggle on the Ending Pages that when viewed you want to act as triggers to send loyalty points to Aimia.

6. Label the relevant ending page with the transaction type and the amount of loyalty points you want to award to each respondent who views that ending.

Note: The points value should be an integer value.

7. Important! When you are distributing your survey, you must pass the unique identifier of each member enrolled in your Aimia program to the Segmanta survey by using the URL query parameter seg_erid. If this param is not passed into the Segmanta survey, the points transaction will fail.

9. Transaction Custom Fields. Segmanta provides support for passing a list of Transaction Custom Fields through a dedicated URL query parameter aimia_tcf. For example, the following data:

"aimia_tcf": [
       "CustomFieldExternalReference": "CharityId",
       "CustomFieldStorageValue": {"DropDownValue":"12345"}

is to be passed as follows when using URL Parameters:


Expert Tips!

  • Only events that are toggled on will be sent to Aimia. You will not be able to retroactively send previously collected data using this integration.

Warning! If you add your Aimia Security Token to a Survey, you are responsible for the data collected by Aimia.