Setting Up URL Parameters for an Embedded Survey

Survey Pass known information about a respondent into an embedded survey

URL Parameters incorporate known information about a respondent into the analytics dashboard. URL Parameters can include:

  • Respondent email address
  • Customer ID
  • Name
  • Demographics information such as gender, age, etc.
  • Traffic source the respondent has arrived from
  • Any other known information such as respondent group, email list and CRM database information

To make this information available in a Segmanta survey that is embedded into your website using a Segmanta embed code or Segmanta Dynamic Embed mechanism, you will need to pass parameters that will be associated with the user’s responses:

To pass this information, you should expose a global variable called: 


For example, including the following <script> tag will associate  all responses with a Travel category on your website:

       category: "travel"

You can pass any keys inside SEGMANTA__USER_METADATA, except for a few keys which are reserved: host, widget, lang and embed_type.


  • URL Parameters are limited to 100 per survey, parameters over 100 will not be saved

Looking to pass custom fields into a survey that is not embedded into a website? You can also pass parameters via your survey url or, if you are ready, learn how to to analyze results based off information passed as URL Parameters.