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Share Report

Learn how to share a survey analytics report with team members or guests

Share Report allows you to grant a member or a guest access to your survey's analytics dashboard. 

To share access to your survey's analytics dashboard, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Share Report button.

2. Add a Member or Guest. 

3. Once you make your selection, click Share.

Who can I share a report with?

Once you've clicked the Share Report button, you can choose to add either account Members or guests.

  • The Members drop down allows you to choose a member from the list of account members. This option is only available on an Enterprise plan.
  • The Guests tab allows you to add guest analysts by entering their email address.


  • By clicking on Share Report, the person/s you share the report with will receive an email with a link to the screen you are currently viewing. However, they will be added to your survey permissions and will have access to all of the survey’s data
  • By default, guests will be able to share the results with additional guests. To adjust this setting visit your survey permissions.

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