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Survey Preview

Preview your survey before sending the live version out

The Survey Preview Icons direct you to a link which allows you to test the survey on different devices without recording responses and affecting the results in the analytics dashboard. This built-in preview is designed to give you a general idea of how the survey will display on different device types.

Navigate to to the right corner of the top toolbar of your survey editor to view the survey preview:

  • Desktop icon
  • Mobile icon

Preview icons are a great way to share a survey with colleagues, without giving them access to the Survey Editor. You may want a colleague to review the survey before it is distributed to your audience to get feedback or simply view how the survey behaves when respondents answer questions before sending the live version to your audience.

Please note: 

  • When previewing a survey, the survey design settings and logic should work as expected.
  • The true display will vary slightly depending on the specific device being used. 

Expert Tips!

  • Be sure to preview your survey before sending it out to ensure that it is structured in an engaging and intuitive way for your respondents. 
  • Always double check that you are sharing the live survey URL in any real distribution scenarios. 

To learn how to view the survey preview, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the any page on your Survey Editor.
  2. Mouseover the Preview icons on the right corner of the top toolbar to view the drop down menu.
  3. Click on either the desktop or mobile icons. 
  4.  Once you are directed to the link, copy the link from your browser window while viewing the welcome page preview.

Learn how to distribute your live survey link .