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Variant Questions

Utilize variant questions in order to test claims, advertisements, images and more. 

Once the Variant setting is enabled on a question, you will be able to create multiple versions of the same question and each survey respondent will only see one of the versions of the question. 

In order to avoid respondent bias, the goal is to expose every respondent to only one version of a claim, advertisement, image etc. to ensure that they are not impacted by prior exposure to a similar advertisement/image/claim. 

To apply the variant setting to your selected question, go to the Survey Editor, select a question, and follow the steps below:

1. Click on Advanced on the top right toolbar to view the drop down menu.

2. Turn on the Variants setting under the question setting menu.

3. Create multiple copies of the same question. Click + Add Variant button to add a new tab (variant).

4. Change only one variable within the question in order to analyze the impact of the different variables on the results. In this case, we are testing different claims and only the bold text changes from question to question. 

Expert Tip!
Be sure to name each tab with a recognizable name so that you will be able to easily analyze the results on your Segmanta dashboard. 

To learn how to implement the piping question text setting, click