Wait for Server Response

What is the Wait for Server Response setting and when should I use it?

Segmanta surveys are optimized for the respondent experience - quick, visual, and engaging. Our goal is to help you optimize towards your ultimate goal - collecting data (or survey completions). 

In order to do so, we speed up the survey-taking experience by allowing the respondent to submit question answers while our servers are still waiting to receive the results. Sometimes, this means that a respondent could continue taking a survey even if they experienced a break in their internet connection that led to a question response not being saved. 

This is where the Wait for Server Response setting comes in. In the survey use cases where an absolutely complete survey response is more valuable to you than the survey taking experience (speed), we suggest doing the following:

1. Go to the Survey Editor and click on Configure.

2. Turn on the Wait for Server Response setting.

This setting will not allow a user to continue in a survey until our servers confirm receiving their answers. Sometimes in the case of slow internet connections or internet connection breaks, the user might see a loader icon appear on their screen with a message "waiting for our servers to confirm your response". If a user completely loses their internet connection for an extended period, they will be informed that their response has not been saved and they will need to re-answer the question.

Generally, when the Wait for Server Response setting is engaged, the user will not notice a difference in their experience. However, it is dependent on their individual internet connection, which is why we suggest only using these setting in relevant or necessary use cases.

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