Webhook Delivery - General Data Structure

View the general structure of webhook data delivery

If you've reached this article, you've learned the basics of webhooks and how to set them up. Now, let's take a look at the Webhook's Delivery Structure. 

Webhooks are sent to the target URL as an application/json POST request. All survey response data is sent including any labels that have been applied to question pages, questions and answer choices. The data sent is formatted as follows:

Example Data:


    "key": "value"
    “survey_name”: “Survey Name”

Question Results:

Question results follow the same general structure, however it may vary slightly across different question types. The general structure results follow is:

    "id":####, "name":"Question Text”,

Important Notes:

  • Labels: Where "tag": is listed as null, if you have added a label to any of the survey elements, null will be replaced with the label's text
  • Variants: Where "has_variants" is listed as "true" the following will be included at the end of the relevant question page delivery after the question type:
    "variant_id": 51526,       
    "variant_name": "Variant Two" 
  • Welcome Page checkbox values are not sent with Webhook deliveries

View the specific structure based on question type.