Adjusting survey permissions

Survey Permissions shows you who has access to the survey, the email associated with them, and their role.

Adding a member

💼 What it does

  • Grants a user the ability to analyze your survey results and/or edit your survey and its permissions. Members can perform all of the same actions as the survey’s creator, except they cannot: 
    • Delete the survey
    • Adjust the survey's guest settings

Adding a guest

💼 What it does

  • When adding a guest, you can determine their role in the survey. There are two roles they can be assigned: editor or analyst.
  • The editor role allows them to go in and edit the survey, while the analyst role gives them permission to only view the survey’s analytics. 
  • Below is a breakdown of the difference in their capabilities.


    Guest Editor

    Guest Analyst

    Access the survey editor and edit the survey


    Preview the survey

    View the survey results and analyze all data in the survey's Analytics Dashboard

    Delete survey results or edit advanced settings or features such as the survey's Facebook Pixel, Webhooks or Integrations


    Create new surveys on your account or export survey results


Note: The Survey Permissions tab is solely on the survey level. You can grant a guest or member access to all of your Organization’s surveys by entering their information or changing their permission settings within the Account Settings tab. Click here to learn about Account Settings.