Analytics Dashboard

Access your survey results and explore different analytics views. As soon as you begin distributing your survey, your survey's Analytics Dashboard will begin populating data in real-time.

🔨 When to use

  • Uncover critical consumer insights with a highly visual dashboard, updated in real-time as survey takers respond. The dashboard allows you to understand your survey funnel in seconds.
  • Uncover valuable insights about your brand in just a few clicks using demographic and cross-tabulation analysis, empowering critical business decisions
  • Export unfiltered or granular information from your survey results and share it directly with colleagues. Collaborate with entire teams or departments, adding exponential value to your survey data.
  • Learn how to reconfigure your Analytics Dashboard here.

The Analytics Dashboard is divided into four sections:

  • Results overview
  • Question view
  • Survey Respondents
  • Saved reports