Your hub to add and delete account members, update users’ permission levels, and mass manage users’ survey permissions.

There are three user types:

  1. Owner
    An owner can add two roles within their organization: admin and member.
  2. Admin
    Admin has access to all features, while a member has access to edit functionalities. By default, all admins have access to all surveys, therefore, their permissions cannot be edited.
  3. Member
    A new member is not automatically added to all existing surveys within the organization. The owner can decide which surveys the new member has access to, and can always be adjusted.

Here is a breakdown of the three user types' varying capabilities.





Create new surveys

Edit and analyze any surveys they have created or have been added to by other team members

Be removed from any survey on the organization


Mass manage the survey permissions


Update premium features such as the organization level Facebook Pixel or ending page branding


View and edit the list of of guests from the Settings tab


Manage account members including adding and deleting members and changing members' roles


Change the organization name and organization owner


Update the organization’s subscription


Update the organization’s billing details


Adding, removing or changing the role of a member

Survey permissions can also be managed per survey by any team member who has access to that survey.

  • Click here to learn more about survey permissions.

Note: Adding team members to an account is an Enterprise feature. If you are interested in upgrading to an Enterprise account, send us an email at

🔨 How it works 

  • Go to your Segmanta Dashboard and click on the Account.
  • Navigate to the Account Settings tab and click on the Members.
  • While viewing the list of team members, mouse over any team member and click on the pencil icon next to their role on the Account Member List to edit their permissions, including:
    • Add
      You also have the option of adding them to existing surveys, by marking individual surveys on the list or by marking the select all box to add the user to all existing surveys. After you have marked the surveys you want to add the user to click the + Add button to save the changes.

Pro-tip: You will always be offered the option to add a new team member to existing surveys immediately after you have added them to your team.

Note: If you were added as a member by the organization’s owner but you can’t see any surveys, you weren’t granted access to any of the existing surveys. Talk to your organization’s admin to receive access to the relevant surveys.

    • Remove
      You also have the option of removing the member from any survey by hovering over a survey and clicking on the trashcan icon. After removing the member, they will no longer be able to access that survey's editor or analytics. You can always add the member back to the survey at a later date.  
    • Change 
      To change the owner of the organization, or to change a member's role between Member and Admin, click on Update and select the member's name and email address from the member dropdown menu.

Note: Only the current organization owner can make this change.