Sharing a report of your survey’s analytics

Enable or disable survey analytics access to an existing member or to a guest. By default, the share setting is enabled for all surveys.

Note: When sharing is enabled on your account, the Share Report button will display on your Analytics Dashboard. If you disable the setting, the Share Report button will no longer display on the Analytics Dashboard.  

🔨 How it works

  1. Navigate to the Share Report button.
  2. Click members dropdown, where you are presented with all users inside your organization that do NOT currently have access to the survey. Here, you will also find the option to add guests to your survey via their email addresses. .
  3. Once you make your selection, click Share. Guests will be presented with a sign-up email in their inbox, with a link to the screen you are currently viewing. 
  4. Then, they will be added to your Survey Permissions, where you can: 
      • Provide them additional access, including to all of the survey’s data.
      • Enable (the default) or disable them to share the results with additional guests.
  5. To adjust these settings, both for existing members and survey guests, go to the Survey Editor and click on Permissions and navigate to the Guests tab. Here is an explanation of how to adjust survey permissions.