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Question Settings

Optimize and adjust your question's settings

Each question type offered by Segmanta will include different question settings. Read below to gain a better understanding of the question settings:

Multiple Choice and Image Choice Questions

  • Required. By default, all questions are required, to make a question optional toggle the Required toggle off.
  • Randomize Answer Choices. Turn this setting on to randomize the order in which answer choices display to each respondent. Randomizing answer choices can minimize order bias.

    Expert Tip! It almost always makes sense to randomize answer choices on ranking questions and questions with choices that do not follow an obvious scale/order. 
  • Answers Allowed. Choose how many answer choices a respondent may select.

    Expert Tip! If more than one answer is allowed, it’s a good idea to add instructions to the question's subtitle (e.g. “Select all that apply…”).
  • Answer Choice Image. Add images to answer choices to make the survey more visually appealing. For multiple choice questions, you can make images small, medium or large. When the answer choice image setting is turned on, you will have the option to Show Captions to your respondents or not. When turned off, respondents will see only the image you uploaded and no text for the answer choices. Click here to learn how to apply images to answer choices.
  • Show Results. Allow respondents to see how others have answered the question after an answer is selected.

Rating, Opinion Scale, or Multiple Rating Questions

  • Show N/A. Allow respondents to select “Not Relevant”.
  • Display Subject Images. Select which shape displays (e.g., stars, hearts, thumbs).
  • Randomize Subject Order. Subjects (rows) will display in a randomized order.

Other options:

  • Comment. Allow respondents to enter an optional, free-form comment beneath their rating.
  • Max Rating. Set the max rating number (up to 10).
  • Direction. Choose whether you would like your slider to display in ascending or descending order.
  • Start from. Change the value of the scale to start from positive or negative values.

Open-Ended Questions

  • Answer Type. Toggle between short, long or number format questions.
  • Max Characters. Set a character limit for respondents' answers.

Choice Grid Questions

  • Randomize Subject Order. Subjects (rows) will display in a randomized order.
  • Randomize Column Order. Columns will display in a randomized order. In the case of columns, you can choose between two types of randomization:

    1. Random. Columns will display in a completely randomized order.
    2. Directional. Columns will be logically randomized maintaining their relational position to the columns as you have set up in the editor, but alternating from left to right (similar to ascending/descending setting in an opinion scale question)
  • Allow Multiple Answers. Allow respondents to mark multiple columns for the same row.
  • Display Subject Image. Include an image for each subject choice (row).

Please note
: Question settings menu options will vary across question types and may not look the same as the screenshot in this article.

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